It’s every Potter head’s fantasy to receive their “Hogwarts Letter” on their 11th birthday. And to have a wand of their own.

Muggles would never understand a Potter head (who believes themselves to be a pure blood) and their obsession with the “boy who lived”. That’s mostly ’cause the non-Potter heads think of the Harry Potter series as a work of fiction. Whereas we Potter heads, have lived through every part, felt all the emotions each character has felt.

How we dreaded ‘Four Privet Drive’ and wished Harry could just get out of there. We were there when Harry first found out that he was a wizard. We laughed our arse off when Hagrid showed Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and Dudley their place. We cried with Harry when he learned the truth about his parents. It fascinated us beyond imagination how a station can have another station hidden behind its walls. The red, magnificent, Hogwarts’s express waiting on Platform 9 3/ 4 stole our hearts immediately. And the very minute we laid eyes on the Weasleys, they became family. Ronald Weasley, we knew would prove to be Harry’s best friend for life and after. Hermione Granger made us realize not only a pure blood could be a brilliant witch/wizard. She taught us how meticulous and systematic a discipline wizardry is. We walked alongside Harry on Diagon Alley and then into Ollivanders when he had to get his very own wand. We rejoiced when the wand chose Harry. He-who-must-not-be-named made all of us shudder a little with his lifeless face and merciless heart.

We hated with them. We loved with them. We fell in love with little Dobby when he said “Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts” cause all we ever wanted was for Harry to live forever too. I’m pretty sure everyone wished they could break out of the window and fly away in a Ford Anglia, the way Harry did, to join his friends in Hogwarts for the second year of magic, magic, and more magic. Then came Ginny who happened to open the deadly Chamber of Secrets which revealed all of the Dark Lord’s, dark, sad past. We were all petrified to see all the queer happening around the castle. Harry destroyed the Tom Riddle’s diary and that was the end of an eventful second year.

And the third year was no less magical. It was also heart-wrenching. When Sirius and Lupin finally caught hold of the rat of a traitor (read Peter Pettigrew), and showed him how a traitor would be punished, we learned how water can be thicker than blood when the friends you make in life are genuine. That moment of ecstasy when Harry learned that Sirius was his godfather and he wasn’t, after all, an orphan. Every Harry Potter fan was mesmerized by Harry’s magnificent Patronus. We all wished we could Expecto Patronum away our monsters too. And like every year, the third one too ended on the hopes of a better tomorrow.

The fourth year was a year of challenges. The Goblet of Fire taking away our breath with its grandeur. And the Triwizard Tournament took its toll on everyone, the students at Hogwarts and the readers alike. That year we lost the first piece of our hearts when the beautiful boy Cedric Diggory fell prey to the Dark Lord’s dark magic. Everyone is shaken when the truth about how Cedric died is revealed. And now they must all be alert as the Dark Lord has indeed returned.

Fifth year and the Ministry of Magic is still oblivious to the fact that Voldemort has returned. This is when Dolores Umbridge makes an entry. Didn’t we all hate her the second we saw her? Her obnoxiously pink dress and that sly smile? She and Harry immediately clash. Over the days Umbridge’s control over the school increase. The wizards and witches were prohibited from using magic. Magic, becoming a thing of books and theoretical learning. This leads Harry, Ron, and Hermione to give rise to Dumbledore’s Army. Umbridge appoints the Slytherin counterparts to try to catch hold of the army. In the process of training the members of the army to protect themselves and those in need, Harry and Cho Chang grow close. This was the year of prophecies and all the things unknown to us.

Wow, that’s a lot of information to digest with just one post. I could go on and on and on about all the seven books and all its twists and turns. But it would take me seven books. And once again I would be heartbroken the way I was when I read the last page of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, cause there would be nothing more to keep me going again in life. Then came “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” like rain pouring on a parched desert land. Either way, no Potterhead can bring themselves to write about Dobby, Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape or Fred dying without being teary eyed. And I cannot put myself through the heartbreak and misery once more.

So many wars won, some wars lost and a few great martyrs. And it’s not the movies, but the books that have etched their words in our bleeding hearts. It’s something all Potterheads will take to their graves. Harry Potter is not a story, to Potterheads, it’s our religion and J.K. Rowling our God. Potterheads swear by the Elder wand, Invisibility Cloak and Resurrection stone that they will one day read all the seven books to their children and make them Potterheads too. The muggles would ask “After all this time?” and we would proudly say “Always”.

‘Cause everyone could use a little magic in life 😉