Backwaters led me to think about conversations. As crazy a connection that it might sound. I am glad that they did. Today I stand guilty of talking and not conversing most of the times. The difference being intangible superficially, there is so much more to a conversation than what we actually think.

Like they say; change is the only constant. The wind of time teaches us lessons. Every single day leaves for us a treasure which we forget or ignore to pick up on the way. This is something that I forgot to pick up a while ago. But thanks to second chances that God gives. I could walk back the way and grab this one right away.

Some time back, I could blabber about anything under the sun for umpteen number of hours, to people around me. There were times then when I felt extremely uneasy if I didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk. Today, luckily I can’t do it. I just can’t open up to everybody I get to meet. And neither do I feel odd when I am by myself in a crowd. What made the difference? Conversations.

Loose talks are fun. I have not shifted to the school that believes that they are unnecessary. I believe in them. I did before and I do now too. But there is a difference now. I don’t think we all know anymore how much fun it is to have those hours’ long fun talks if we haven’t with the right people. When I say right people; there is no black and white way to state who is right and who isn’t. Exactly why I believe every conversation has a lot more to it than what we think they do. Lately, I have come to realize that even those fun talks are not just fun talks. They; in a lot of levels help two people gel in so perfectly that it is almost surreal. The right people for me are those, whom I can talk to about peaches to politics, walls to Walmart, from loafers to love. And fortunately or unfortunately those kind of people are not much.

Honest conversations in today’s world have deteriorated exponentially, without a doubt. They are either sympathetic assurances or ritualistic statements; with a very thin line in between. And we 99% of the times can’t see what it is. Either way, it doesn’t help. Opening up is risky business. That is when setting standards for the right people becomes important. I wouldn’t want to judge people on the choice of the folks they wish to embrace at any point. Exactly why I earlier said it isn’t really a defined process to choose the right people. Reasoning faculty given to man is pretty much enough to decide for ourselves; I believe.

Now, speaking of experiences, I have made huge blunders when it comes to discernments. Have had been very bad at them I have found myself opening up to the wrong folks most of the times. But like they say better late than never, the time has shown me my check list to choose people. I have probably just one or two people I can be vulnerable and still feel safe. Because in them, I found for our friendship a level of respect and acceptance that no other friendship or relationship could give. A respect that we are all individuals with unique minds and interests and acceptance of the same without any preconceived notions. It is important that we search for them to converse with and ourselves become such people.

Conversations are one of the Legos’ that make us. And hence it becomes extremely essential to be able to converse with the right kind of people in the right time and about the right things. It becomes important to evolve into people with better minds, kinder hearts, and happy souls. Converse to glories