It was seven in the morning and the sun was already up and shining. It made its way through her dusty glass window to touch her eyes. She rubbed them and tried to open the puffed up eyes from all the crying she did last night. Her head was splitting, however bearing the guilt she lifted her body up leaving her spirits right there paralyzed.

Elle looked up at the mirror. She did not like what she saw. She had learned a lesson and learned it the hard way. She stood there in front of the mirror with lost friends, family and even the guy who loved her like nobody else. Elle has been a very jovial and warm person around people. However, she has been well aware that if she lost it, she could spew the most hurtful things ever.

Elle was not a rancorous person. Neither has she ever meant the things she said while she was angry. But what she took for granted she lost because of a very small but powerful weapon, her tongue.

This world comprises of different kinds of people co-existing in various environments of their own. Everybody’s scale of sensitivity differs in a million ways. Some people rise up from a valley as quick as lightning and some take eons to recover from the fall. In this world of self-obsessed people, leaving none behind, how much efforts do us take to take a different path. It’s usually the visible things that end up becoming the deciding factors if a person is a good one. But they aren’t really the things that matter you see.

Everybody in this world has been given an extraordinary reasoning faculty to know right from wrong. Pretense comes naturally to mankind knowingly or unknowingly these days. The man has gotten used to the same. A life where he lives talk’s thinks believes a certain way. But what is inside his head remains there. Suppressed, abandoned, unattended; but there.

Elle said nasty things to her absolutely adorable fiancé. He had always told her, this habit of her taking him for granted and saying absolutely unacceptable things in a mere fight wouldn’t someday cost her his companionship, and a couple of days back it did. They had reconciled after the argument but he wasn’t the same anymore. Elle knew she was at fault and was ready to do anything to get things straight. But it was too late. He had told her over the phone last night that, he has fallen out of love, and has lost all interests to even work the relationship through. He could not see anything lovable in her anymore. All she reminded him was those hurtful words that came out of her mouth. He told her he tried thinking of the good times they had to forget what had happened. But he couldn’t. She had no option but to leave. She knew she was still in love and head over heels in love. But her words had cut so deep into her loved one’s heart that she lost him. She lost him.

It is usually the closest of our people that we end up hurting. Because we always know in the back of our heads that the bond is so close that a fight would change a thing. But with time I guess I’ve learned that it is wrong at a lot of levels. It becomes so important for us to speak with absolute care with even those whom we know are always there. In fact, it is probably them whom we need to be most sensitive about. Having hurt an ally will never let us go to bed without at least a pinch of guilt. Having known that you have changed something in your loved one’s mind forever, will suck the life out of you.

We cannot be saying good encouraging things and bad belittling things with the same mouth. Only makes us more double-faced that way. There is a choice that is in our hands. The choice is to pick the right words at the right time and keep shut at some. This choice is not a privilege. It’s more like the very common things available ever. What do we get by the momentary balls of bitterness that we shoot out?

Nothing but a hurt heart. Nothing but a teary pair of eyes. No matter how angry you are, no matter how hurt you have been; is it still worth it? Does it give you any kind of peace after you have said things? I bet not. I have never felt a tad bit better but in fact, worse and have ended up being more depressed.

The tongue, however, is the most powerful motivator. I remember when I was going through a terrible phase in my life; right after school, I felt dejected, depressed and done with life; I left home for college and was anxious about what would happen of me. Though things weren’t as smooth, I was surrounded by such amazing people who always spoke life to me. I still remember my friend giving me a heart- shaped sticker on women’s’ day that read, “Always remember that you were, are and always will be special enough to have what you truly deserve.” Those words have held me, strengthened me and kept me up for so long in life. I definitely have had times when I fell even from there, but those words always run a good warm current within me. I am sure all of us have had our share of being at the giving and the receiving end of good and bad words. What have we learned from both of them? Are we even giving heed to them or do we just brush all of this like they don’t matter? Trust me if we don’t learn from the cues, learning it the hard way might cost us a lot more than we would have ever imagined.

Elle drove herself to work crying, her puffy eyes got no time to cool down. By the time she had reached her office, her teardrops rebelled their way out of her eyes. She looked down and brushed them away. She had a day at work where she herself was to hear unpleasant things the entire day. She thought of the last time he said that he loved her, she knew she had lost her life. She knew she had failed. She knew her tongue had taken her down.

What do you want to end up knowing?