It’s been 70 years since the famous speech of our former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru “Tryst with Destiny”. On this day, a pure patriotic feeling arises in every Indian mind and chants ‘Vande matharam’ in their hearts. Even though Independence Day is celebrated, it is unpredictable to say how much independence and freedom we can feel in our minds.

Even the biggest democratic nation is known as one of the corrupted nation. According to Transparency International, in 2015; in the Corruption Perception Index, India ranks 76th out of 168 nations. A better governance only can protect from this plague. India has one of the largest armies in the world and it is a really proud moment for every Indian because of its national security and millions of soldiers sacrificing their lives protecting their motherland.

But still, Mother India couldn’t achieve to protect their daughters from the humiliation and atrocities they face every day. According to National Crime Records Bureau, around 327,394 cases of crime against women have been reported in 2015. In rural areas, the violence against women mostly held in private spheres as the women is treated as a liability for Indian families. In India women are tabooed as “natural dependent”; her choices are limited and governed by social pressure. The patriarchal society still does not accept the girls to be independent and thus suppressing women by humiliating them. In urban areas, there is a rising trend in outdoor crimes against women. Nothing has taken to protect women, especially in the cities. Even the transportation is permitted in cities after a certain time.

The majority of the Indian population is blessed with young people but our country is still affected by high “brain drain”. Due to lack of proper education system in our country students moving to the abroad keeps increasing. The academically high qualified young minds prefer going abroad for research and other studies due to lack of facilities in our universities. A recent study conducted by IIM-B shows that students going for higher studies have increased by 256% in the last 10 years.

The Fundamental Rights; the soul of Indian Constitution describes article 21 as the protection of life and personal liberty which clearly lays down: “the article assures the right to live with a human dignity and free from exploitation. But how far India has achieved in implementing and assuring its citizen to live a life in a peaceful environment is still a question mark. India assure its citizens’ complete freedom only when the daughters of India feel secure to walk through the streets of India without any fear.