She was innocently watching over the horses grazing in the beautiful meadows of Rasana. Little did she know, that would be the last happiest moment of her life?

It has been three months since she was raped, tortured and strangled to death. It took three months for the authorities to do anything on it. It took three months for the world to react. What is this world that we are living in?

Remember Nirbhaya? The protests? The candle marches? The numerous social media outrages? The hashtags and slogans? All seems a little odd. That’s all that was actually done to get her the justice she deserved. Everything was forgotten as soon as the media hype for it simmered down. It took five years for our juridical system to serve death sentence to the accused. It is unbelievable that they were even given an option to appeal the death sentence by the high court in the first place. And one was given a sentence of three years at a reform home because he was a minor at the time of committing the crime. Imagine, if as a minor he could be a part of, and in fact be the most heinous of the lot, what he could become capable of as an adult. Such is the prowess of our country’s juridical system. I say the jury should have sentenced them to death without all the trial and proceedings, with no loops for them to escape. That’s how all such heinous crimes must be treated.

The older generations always preach about how India is a country that upholds its traditions and culture, how India’s value systems are one of the strongest in the world. I agree we have a very grounded and moral, value system. But, often only in words. According to our culture, even Earth is the mother. According to our culture, we are highly matriarchal. According to our culture, a woman is the most respected. But today, most women are afraid to even step out of their own houses. They aren’t safe even in their own homes. Not even little girls are safe anymore. We are social beings, they say. When we live in a society we must give back to the society, they say. Let me ask you this, what has the society done for you for it to deserve so much of your time, energy and efforts? Does it provide you the safety you deserve? Does it live your life for you? Does it support you when you are in danger? All it actually does is look at you with its judgmental eyes and pass remarks. That’s all it can ever do. That’s all it will ever do.

To all those who blamed the woman’s clothes or her ‘attitude’ and said “her dressing must have provoked them”; “who asked her to get out after 9 in the night?”; or made any such irrelevant remarks, what reasoning do you have for what the monsters did to the little girl? What was her mistake? How did she ‘put out’ to them?

Wouldn’t she have had dreams? Wouldn’t her family have had dreams? She would have meant the world to her parents and family. Don’t these monsters, who claim to have committed this vicious crime in the name of religion, have a conscience? Clearly, they do not.

But it all comes down to one question. How do such people have the courage to commit such heinous crimes and also manage to brag about their deeds? It’s safe to say it is because they are so sure that the nation’s juridical system is weak. They know they have the support and shade of political parties. They know that the protests and marches will eventually die down. That the world will eventually forget. The leniency of the system has given such perpetrators the guts to commit nefarious crimes time and again.

How many more daughters must die before the world really gets a wake-up call?