Ever wondered what might be the reason for your kids, not going your way?
The answer is probably very simple, it is because of the wrong parenting practices taken by you. Parenting is one of the critical responsibilities of a parent. By parenting, I just don’t mean the biological relationship you have with your kids, but the way you promote and support them physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. All through these years, there has always been an increase in the number of crimes committed by people. Ever wondered, what could be the reason behind those crimes? Almost all of them blame their childhood and their parents. Why is that so? India is one of those countries where right parenting is not given much of an importance. Indians from birth are taught to have a competitive mind and this eventually pressurizes the little one’s mind. This is probably unknown to many parents. Ever since a child is born, parents are busy scheduling the child’s life. They go about deciding what, where and how the kid should study and what should he/she be at the end of the day. By doing so they are trying to curb all their hidden and known talents. They want their kids to be the best in the world, but ever thought why they aren’t not able to meet your dreams? If not, then it’s high time that we look back and think.

Possibly a few reasons for wrong parenting:

There are few parents who cannot focus much on their kids because they are busy chasing the fame they might or might not achieve in the future. Beware! Parenting also plays a role in making you famous or in defaming you. If you ignore your kids at their age, then they might ignore you at your age. This is simply because they haven’t received the care and love they should have when they were kids. So, naturally they are unaware of giving back something they haven’t received, it’s as simple as that. Ensure that you give the importance your kids need so that you receive the same when you are in need of. Parenting is not done by steps, it’s a process which needs to be taken care every now and then. Carelessness shown in parenting can lead to a disaster.
Also, we Indians have the habit of poking our nose into what others are doing. Our kids learn every acts from us and thus this competitive thinking will end their life in utter pain and loneliness. The wrong parenting techniques are a common factor in families who don’t value bonding or togetherness. These kinds of parenting stories are one of the critical reasons for the growing terrorism and crime rates that any country is facing today. Only by giving the care they need when they are small will make them happy and joyous. If you neglect the parenting part, then you are not the only one who might suffer.
Remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Likewise, good parenting results in better future of your child and the well-being of the country and vice-versa.

Be it an Indian or someone else from elsewhere, you have a huge responsibility for your child’s life. Please don’t neglect that with your fake excuses! They learn everything from you, so teach them what is right and what is wrong.