How many of you have yelled into your pillows, just because you couldn’t let your cry be heard out? How many of you have been plucked from your haven and dropped into a strange and cold place? How many of you have been hurt? I am guessing; the all of us!

But can we really afford to sulk to death? I bet no. Imagine how miserable would life be if all you have to think about is the bitterness; the hurt; the tears that you have shed. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. It doesn’t really stop you from anything. But such a wonderful teacher this pain of loss is. You would know when you see the blessing your losses have been.

Until then breathe. Until then smile. Until then just be. Grow a heart that learns to love and only love. No matter what; just love! Possible? I say yes. Easy? Never. When we start to realize how hard it is to carry around the baggage of hurt and hatred and bitterness everywhere we go; two things can happen. We learn not to care or we learn to love. The latter being the strongest thing ever.

Love is a consuming fire that burnt down all the hurt, all the pain and all the bitterness; renewing the spirits to see a new dawn. It is so humbling to see a few; just a few going out there and genuinely loving despite anything and everything that comes in their way. The kind of people who accept others just the way they are and embrace the flaws, only to help get rid of them.

Are these lovely souls given back the love always? I doubt that. They still go through the unpleasant experiences others around give them. Why don’t they stop the free love? I’ll tell you why. Because they have found contentment in this agape love. And that; my friends is a greater high than anything else. The knowledge of the fact that the One above does the same for us is reason enough to continue.

Have you seen such people around? Let me tell you they are not super-humans. They are just people who have learned a little lesson in life. They are the ones that make the world a better place. When we walk over a flower; it doesn’t do anything else, but leave a little fragrance on the feet of those who crushed it.

Try it sometime! Becoming one of those people who accept; who embrace; who truly love. Who forgive like a flower forgives!