“It is in loving, not being loved
The heart finds its quest.
It is in giving, not getting
Our lives are blest” goes beautiful writing.


How peaceful will this earth be if we loved others without stopping to probe if or not they are worthy? But to love others we need self-love. It is from this reservoir of self-love that you give to others. But self-love must never lead to selfishness because it is said the antonym of love is not hated but rather selfishness. It takes a brave heart to love everyone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. It is an act of bravery because ‘everyone’ must include one’s enemy too. Love must come free; notwithstanding the worth of its object but solely for the sake of love.

To love, it is necessary to give. To give, it is necessary to be free from selfishness. Selfishness and love can never share a home. One must make a choice between love and selfishness. When one walks alone, one can walk fast but to walk far, walking together only works. When we love others, we would be able to find our happiness in theirs, we would be able to share their sorrows, we would understand them better, we would be able to do more justice to the simple reason that we are born human because the present world needs little too much of humanity. Selfish people often mistake selfishness for strength not realizing that it takes nothing to sacrifice other people for one’s ego and satisfaction. Selfish people may achieve all their dreams, fulfill their needs and wants. They may live their life as if everything is about them, not realizing they will be left with just them. They plant seeds of loneliness; then cry upon the blooming. Most depressed people are those that are obsessed with themselves; the happiest are those who lose themselves in loving others, serving others, supporting others grow, to find joy in other’s happiness. When we only think about ourselves, we complain about life. But at the same time when we develop love, care, compassion, and concern for others we learn the value of life, we start to enjoy each and every moment of life. The whole world would turn to 7.7 billion bodies with the sole soul with overwhelming love.

But for this selfishness must be crumbled. It must be discovered and understood before it can be crumbled. It is powerless to crumble itself, neither will it pass away of itself. Darkness ceases only when light is introduced, ignorance can only be dispersed by knowledge; selfishness can only be crumbled by love. When you love, you start living, you get a purpose to life, you get to enjoy moments that make you feel alive and moments that make you feel blessed to have a life. When you turn selfish, you become a dead body breathing, you just merely exist, searching for peace.

No matter what one earns being selfish, all you end up is in a few feet of mud. Instead of love others, and live through others even after you die because people forget what you said, what you did but never how you made them feel. Love others even when they least deserve it, least expect it. When the world would get overflowed with love, humanity would rise back like a phoenix, “human being” would make more sense. The world would witness more of Mother Teresa and Swami Vivekanandas and not any more Osama Bin Laden and like. It would make earth so beautiful that if the trees ever loved, they would find numerous reasons to love humans unlike now and ‘heaven on earth’ would actually find its meaning.

Expand yourself to others, always be that ‘someone’ one can always turn towards, spread love because Alphonse de Lamartine, French poet, had once penned down “To love for the sake of being loved is human but to love for the sake of loving is angelic”. Let your heart enlarge so much by accommodating love for others that selfishness automatically moves out of the way in shame.

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