Hostel life calls for a lot of junk.
There are a lot of things that you will dislike about living in a hostel. The food. The staying away from home. Having to share your room with new people. People who are so different from who you are and what you are used to. They may not share your vibe or may not be on your wavelength. But staying together, you eventually get used to it. And in fact, after a point, you start enjoying the hostel life. For me, the best part has been the food. Well, obviously not the mess ka khana 😛. The fact that I get to eat from outside so often, thanks to messed up mess ka khana. The fun you have in a hostel is the kind of fun you don’t get anywhere else. It’s like a sleepover that lasts 10 months! The gossiping that goes on from morning till midnight! Binge watching your favorite shows without anyone to stop you. Watching a random movie on one laptop with 10-15 friends. Sharing food. Going to every room to ask for food when yours is over. Borrowing clothes. Sharing makeup. Helping each other wear makeup, do your hair. Giving haircuts. How can I forget hostel day? And running to the hostel before curfew! And what not. Of course, you have a lot of ups and downs with your roomies. Because well we’re all so different. You have your share of fights, arguments, and misunderstandings. But it’s all taken in stride. And to everyone who is about to get into the hostel life, I’m telling you it’s going to be one of the best times of your lives! And to everyone who hasn’t experienced it, I say, you HAVE to live in a hostel at least once in your life. It teaches you so many things. Like, to manage with the limited cash you have, to eat what you get, to respect Amma’s food, to adjust with all sorts of people and many more things that I guarantee will come in handy for the rest of your lives. I know I’ve probably left out a lot of things. But still. Kind of sums it up right?
So cheers to hostel life and its perks.