The battle between the companies to launch the best flagship smartphone is still on. Does the design of the phone really push the brand into this category? And when a company like OnePlus launches its flagship to a design similar to that of the Apple’s iPhone. Now, that’s what the actual talk is about.

The back of the OnePlus does feel like a twin to that of iPhone 7Plus. Although the parent company of OnePlus i.e., BBK, which is a Chinese firm has the brand’s Oppo and Vivo under them which is trying to create a mark in almost every segment of the market.

The companies like Apple and Samsung has changed the game for all the phone industries. So, to stay among the competition, you got to catch up with the latest technology and design. This is when the design of a phone really comes to play in the competition.
Even though there might be a similarity between both OnePlus and iPhone, but both of them do not fall under the same price segment. The launch event of OnePlus was a tremendous hit just because they have created a great impact in the minds of their users. They have grown up to be one of the top brands in smartphones. The launch of OnePlus has definitely changed the game with its awesome specs. It’s definitely a perfect option for people who give importance to the camera and the performance of a smartphone.