You know how they say “The pen is mightier than the sword.”? Well, I think the tongue is way way way sharper than any knife or sword or razor blade. It has the precision of an age old surgeon’s scalpel blade. In fact, it can cut deeper than that. And the worst part? We sometimes have no control over who it cuts or how deep it cuts. Sometimes it’s like it has a mind of its own. You’re talking and you think to yourself “Damn who the hell is talking?” Because you’re hearing you and you cannot fathom the ripples your words are creating.
You know how a paper looks like this innocent thin little thing until it gives you a paper cut? The tongue’s worse. A soft squishy thing that can cut so deep that sometimes no Dettol can dry the wounds or prevent it from being infected. It not only cuts deep it severs.
And now? Something stronger. The word of the “mouse”. Social media has given people the freedom to say whatever the hell they want to whoever they want. Of There’s so much hate everywhere that sometimes you don’t know where to turn to. You can pass comments about people and their lives at any point. Of course, you have the ” freedom to express”. But your freedom ends where another person’s personal space begins.
What you don’t realize is, you’ve seen the person, not their journey. You think someone is too good for someone else. You think someone isn’t good enough for someone else. You think someone is too fat. You think someone is over the top. Let me ask you this. Who are you? What have you done in life to be titled to be so opinionated about someone else’s way of life? Have you helped them reach where they are? Have you done anything significant in that person’s life to have the right to give them an opinion about their life? They are the way they are the cause of a reason. To everyone who has an opinion, keep it to yourself. No one really cares what you think should be someone else’s life. And you sure as hell have no right to put someone down. You never know. That person you try to put down might become your boss one day. Who knows? Cause people like me sure as hell are like a Phoenix. We rise from the ashes. So if the person you dislike is like that too, be very careful. They have the power to burn down your very being.
Once words escape your mouth it can never be taken back right? And social media makes it worse by leaving it out there in the world forever. So what’s the easiest thing you can do? Stop the verbal vomit. You may not mean what you say but what you say might mean a lot to someone else. And you might be being mean to sound cool. Trust me it only makes you the least cool person alive.
Have you ever lost a loved one to words? I have. And it hurts so much. Because you know it could have been avoided. And has someone lost you to words? That hurts like crazy too. Cause I’ve most definitely been on the receiving end too.
So just hold your horses before you say or write anything and think a million times. For you, it might just take two minutes of refrain to stop yourself from saying or writing something hurtful. Just a little patience and a little humanity. But it might save a person from a lifetime of hurt and feeling bad about themselves.
Because if you break something or someone once with a word, it may never get mended again. Like Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall and not even all the king’s men could put him back together, ever again.