Very often we tend to underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a true friend, a kind word, a true compliment or at least the smallest possible action of care which has the ability to bring in a change in someone’s life. Here we are to discuss on one such attribute that could bring in such a change in life, “A SMILE”. We never know what a simple smile on our face could bring in to our lives. It can be friendship, trust, happiness or even the love of our life.

A smile is so simple, yet so powerful.

When you smile you carry an aura that will draw people to you. People will look forward to being with you, just because they feel great around you. We will all agree that we would always want to be around happy and cheerful people, right? A smile is not only for others, it also makes you feel more positive about yourself and the world around. It is an expression of happiness and joy in you, it will, in turn, boost the happiness you feel. A smile is so welcoming that the people around you will feel more at ease being with you. It has the power to make other people feel great about themselves and to cheer up others almost instantly.

We need to understand and accept the fact that we are born to be happy and that we can express that happiness with that beautiful smile that each of us has. So let’s just try this smiling challenge in our lives and try to make this world a better place to live and hope you experience the above ‘ side effects’ of a beautiful smile.