Splashed all across the media last week was the trending story of a monster whale – whale so big so powerful so cruel engulfing the lives of many. What amazes me at the same time startles me is the fact that our generation is so vulnerable to such traps and fall easy prey to such hideous acts.

A moment of practical thinking might have saved the lives of the young ones who might have gone on to become the so and so of the world tomorrow.

Not anymore. Too late!

To imagine the slight thought of imbibing self-pain and eventually self-destruction in secrecy in accordance to rules set by a psychopath who claims to be cleaning out the biological waste by this very act is scary. Really, isn’t it?

I am. For my siblings, for my friends, for all those youngsters out there, I am scared.

During the early years of life precisely the teenage the mind is no doubt a fascinating one. The urge to try out or explore options, coupled with the slight instability of thoughts which then are topped by the inattention from elders can lead children to try out games like the Blue Whale.

While technology and subsequent access to it have definitely made life today easier, it is worth thinking at times about the wide array of traps that it possesses. Youngsters have started losing their ability to think rationally. Why blame the youngsters alone?

Toddlers of today are handed over phones with talking toms and what not to keep them away from whining. Parents hardly realize that amidst the struggle of managing their busy lives with such “easy” caretaking tips, they are indirectly handing over the reins of self-destruction to their kids.

The reason I personally feel why the younger generation tends to take solace in this digital devices is due to the lack of attention they get from their own families which finally ends up in mental trauma and ultimately to depression. Everyone is busy, so busy they don’t have time for a homespun talk or a family dinner. This also maybe aggravated by peer pressure and several other forms of compulsion that a normal teenager is exposed to, simply because of the never ending expectations of the people around. All we have time is to run behind the greed we have within, fulfill our needs for materialistic returns which sarcastically and sadly is a never ending errand.

On a final note, what I have to say is parents and elders should have an eye on what their kids are up to, the patterns or changes in their behavior, and definitely should set apart some time for them, like exclusively for them. They need it and they deserve it. A slightly any more appraisal at work, after all, is much less risky and affordable than a dear life lost!